Tymetal for Security Gates

Since 1985, Tymetal Corp’s automatic gate systems have been known for being the highest quality electric security gate systems available. Their automatic gates feature high strength interlocking aluminum extrusions and truck assemblies with sealed steel bearings to ensure longevity. When you choose our U.S. made automatic gates and openers, you’re getting the best performing gate system on the market today. Your industrial gate will glide effortlessly and stand up to inclement weather conditions better than any alternative system, thanks to our factory quality controlled processes combined with expert, certified welders and materials.

For security gate systems where there’s not enough room for full movement of a cantilever gate, Tymetal offers overhead slide automatic gates. They can be hung from a wall, an overhead structure or standard 4″ OD support posts. If you need to secure an area between two buildings or the ground at your site falls or rises sharply away from the outer side of the gatepost, you need Tymetal Corp’s vertical lift, vertical pivot or swing gates. For security against moving vehicles, they offer a line of anti-ram gates offering tested and certified crash protection.

Pedestrian security gates include steel and aluminum swing gates, turnstiles and pedestrian portals (a combination of swing gate, fence panels and a turnstile to securely provide pedestrian access and control).

Whatever your site requirements, Tymetal has the automated gate systems and automated security gates to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Tymetal Correctional Security Gates
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