Gold Medal Safety Padding for Padded Environments

Gold Medal Safety Padding
Marathon Engineering Corporation, manufacturer of Gold Medal Safety Padding®, has an unparalleled history of providing owners with safe, durable, and easily maintained padded environments. Their products are specially formulated for use in jail cells, time-out rooms, and psychiatric rooms where violent behavior may result in injury to the inmate, student or patient, or in damage to the room.

Gold Medal Safety Padding® provides a safer environment for individuals protecting them from injury in a safe and humane manner while subsequently allowing facilities to reduce staff and occupant injuries by eliminating the need for more restrictive physical restraints or interventions. Products are:

  • Virtually indestructible: withstands attempts to rip, gouge, or otherwise damage.
  • Self extinguishing, as demonstrated by extensive fire testing.
  • Easily cleaned: detergents will not harm the surface.
  • Uniform and smooth, with no cracks or open seams.
  • Installed on-site by Marathon Engineering’s trained Installation Specialists.
  • The only product on the market which can be repaired on site and by the facility’s own maintenance staff.
  • Used throughout the world for over 30 years.
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