Kane Detention for Security Barriers and Detention Screens

Kane Detention Security Barriers and Detention Screens
Known for their strength, resilience and flawless craftsmanship, Kane Innovations’ Kane Detention brand products have been a top choice of Detention Equipment Contractors (DECs) for nearly four decades for security barriers and detention screens.

In the late 1970s, Kane revolutionized and reestablished the standard in prison safety products with the installation of never-before-seen woven rod cell fronts at the United States Disciplinary Barracks in Levenworth, Kansas. Since that landmark endeavor, the Kane Detention brand has been entrusted with thousands of installations by the criminal justice community to contain inmates and keep corrections personnel safe.

Kane offers a number of products for the criminal justice market including:

  • Medium Security Barriers
  • Maximum Security Barriers
  • Glazed Barriers
  • Maximum Security Doors (Pre-Hung and Sliding)
  • Medium Detention Screens
  • Maximum Detention Screens
  • Detention Ceilings
  • Detention Furniture (Benches, Stools, Modesty Panels, Shelving and more)
  • Holding Cells

Kane Detention brand products provide solutions for these and other applications:

  • Rec Yards and Other Recreation Areas
  • Partitions for Passageways and Corridors
  • Cafeterias
  • Dayrooms or Detention centers
  • Partitions in Elevators Used to Transport Prisoners
  • Sally Ports
  • Drug Cages
  • Precious Metal Rooms

National security offices, jails, courthouses and other institutions that demand the highest levels of protection, rely on Kane’s unmatched reputation and performance record for safer criminal justice environments.

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Kane Detention products are manufactured by Kane Innovations.

Kane Innovations - Security Barriers & Detention Screens
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