SteelCell for Steel Detention Cells

SteelCell of North America, Inc., has managed to revolutionize the way steel cells and detention centers are built in little over a decade. Georgia-based SteelCell designs and manufactures totally customized, prefabricated modular jail cells using durable, corrosion-resistant galvannealed steel. Not only are SteelCell products lightweight and easy to ship, but the units are also designed to fit the specific security and local building code requirements of each facility. Best of all, the SteelCell team guarantees total customer satisfaction in addition to efficient, cost-effective construction since products can be installed in both new and pre-existing structures.

SteelCell moved beyond the maufacture of cells, however, as the company recognized early on the need to apply the modularization process to the other components of a detention facility. SteelCell’s cells are available in both rear and front mechanical chase configurations, and with the option of incorporating an integral shower stall. The cells can be designed in configurations of four, eight or more beds and come complete with anticontraband design furniture. Steelcell also supplies and manufactures a product designed for medical isolation and a modular communal shower, among the many types of detention units the team has created for correctional facility projects.

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