Global Security Glazing for Security Glass

With over 60 years’ experience in quality manufacturing and security glass, Global Security Glazing has emerged as the single source for all of your security and architectural glazing requirements. Offering a complete line of security products, including all-glass laminates, glass-clad polycarbonates and laminated polycarbonates, Global Security Glazing has the product and solution for all of your design challenges.

Global Security Glazing products are fully tested to specific standards and threat levels for projects requiring bullet-resistant, attack-resistant and blast-resistant glazing, such as correctional facilities, embassies, courthouses, and hospitals. In addition, their complete line of architectural products includes tempered glass, chemically-strengthened glass, insulated glass, spandrel glass, hurricane glazing and curved glass products. All of Global’s products are covered by their Single Responsibility Program, which insures one firm has handled all phases of manufacturing.

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